From Big Data to Big Results

16 May, Stratford-upon-Avon Centre for Essential Industries logo

“Big Data” is being widely touted as the next big thing. But what does it mean for the essential industries – where timely access to information has long been key for all aspects of business from securing investment and business optimisation to basic health and safety?

Our annual seminar this year will focus on Big Data and what that means for our clients. On the day we will have a number of industry speakers and papers will be presented examining the following themes:

  • The potential effect of smart meter data on network companies
  • Managing customer data and volume for over 20m energy customers
  • Empowering your people by giving them control of data collection
  • Data as the key to a real understanding of Asset Health
  • Key steps to take now to prepare for advances in data technology
  • The challenges and issues for essential industries presented by the Low Carbon Economy

This is an invitation only event, however should you like to make an enquiry please contact Jill Budge.

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