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May 16 2012, Stratford-upon-Avon

On May 16th AMT-SYBEX held its annual seminar in Stratford-upon-Avon. The theme of Big Data – specifically how energy, water and infrastructure companies could use connected big data to achieve real results, was the topic of the day.AMT-SYBEX Annual Seminar, 2012

While Big Data is the current hot topic impacting all areas of business, the concept is not new to the essential industries – water, energy, and transportation companies – which have been collecting, managing and acting on vast qualities of data for decades.

This year’s event focused on the major challenges that the essential industries will face in regards to Big Data. On the day we presented the findings of a research report we commissioned where we surveyed respondents from the energy and water sectors.

The research reported that among respondents the key driver for acting on big data was to improve operational performance and that the key challenge that our clients face was the ability to join up the data that they collect across their organisation. The full research report can be downloaded from here »
AMT-SYBEX Annual Seminar, 2012
This was the eleventh annual seminar, which was presented under the Centre for Essential Industries initiative – an on-going programme of conferences, events, papers and roundtable discussions organised by AMT-SYBEX in conjunction with our clients and industry partners.


A number of themes emerged from the day, including:

  • The potential effect of smart meter data on network companies
  • Managing customer data and volume for over 20m energy customers
  • Empowering your people by giving them control of data collection
  • Data as the key to a real understanding of Asset Health
  • Key steps to take now to prepare for advances in data technology

The audience, were involved in interactive discussion, and detailed presentations and QA sessions as follows:

Data and the Smart Grid, Steve Johnson, CEO, Electricity North West & Chairman of Energy Networks Association.
By gathering data we can use it to help manage network capacity.
AMT-SYBEX Annual Seminar, 2012
Improving data collection in the field – A practical example, Mike Down, Asset Systems Manager, UK Power Networks.
Improving data collection isn’t just about introducing new systems, it’s about engaging with the end users and winning them over to ensure success in any data improvement project.

The Digital Platform – Operators Linked In, Sheila Campbell-Lloyd, Wastewater Regional Manager, Scottish Water.
This presentation discussed the importance of capturing and connecting rich level data to not only support operator and capital activities but to inform strategic direction.

The Fukushima Event and the Response of the Nuclear Industry, Dr Chris Hall, Emergency Planning and Fire Protection Strategy Manager, EDF Nuclear.

Energy Data – Component or Catalyst? Steve Adcock, Head of IT Investment & Solution Delivery, Xoserve.
As a component, data growth may simply influence transaction volumes. As a catalyst, data growth may identify new requirements, processes and products that have significant impact on the investment planning and also the ‘value’ we gain from ‘Big Data’.

From Big Data to Big Results, Leonard Hayes, Technical Director, AMT-SYBEX.