The benefits of a co-ordinated approach to mobility

The latest AMT-SYBEX mobility event focused on how businesses can drive real business benefit through adopting a co-ordinated approach to mobility.

Invited guests heard from two of AMT-SYBEX’s clients; Network Rail’s, Senior Business System Sponsor’s Agent, Steve Smith and Sheila Campbell Lloyd, former Operations Manager at Scottish Water, while Leonard Hayes and Colin Challenger from AMT-SYBEX opened and closed the day.

Presentations focussed on mobility challenges facing big business today, as well as discussing the merits of various MEAP solutions. A common theme running through the day was the additional benefits which can be generated from the intelligent gathering of field data, if companies find a co-ordinated approach to receiving and sharing data from multiple sources.

Specific areas discussed were:

  • Technology is now available to meet the mobility needs of big businesses but implementation problems and a business’s internal processes and systems continue to threaten adoption.
  • To combat the implementation problems and ultimately to build an efficient purposeful mobile application companies must engage field staff in the design of their mobile application. Both Steve Smith and Sheila Campbell-Lloyd commented that the collaborative approach by AMT-SYBEX ensured a smoother development and implementation process.
  • Looking at mobility applications as purely a field operation system is overly simplistic. Mobile integration will touch and benefit all areas of your business from communications and administration to operations and strategy.
  • Deciding on your mobile platform will not necessarily provide you with a mobile solution.
  • A successful mobile solution will always encompass;

      – Integration capability to deliver benefits
      – Flexibility to support change
      – Long-term support networks

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Industry presentations

Network Rail S&C Verification
Network Rail S&C Verification
Steve Smith, Senior Sponsors Agent, Process & Systems Change,
Asset Information, Network Rail
Mobile Platforms
Mobile Platforms
Colin Challenger, Pre-Sales Manager – Mobility Products, AMT-SYBEX