Transforming mobile working

by Eamon Murphy

Eamon Murphy

In any industry where workers out in the field need to interact with data from central systems, mobility has become a hot topic.

The ready availability of smartphones has all but eliminated the need for expensive specialist hardware, making enterprise mobile solutions more affordable for businesses of all sizes. This in turn has democratised mobility: large-scale rollouts to the entire workforce, rather than just a few key users, are increasingly becoming the norm.

As a result, the mobile solutions themselves need to become more flexible. They need to be able to support a greater range of device types and users, handle a wider range of business processes and interact with more enterprise back-end systems.

Affinity FieldreachAt AMT-SYBEX, we have invested to ensure that our Affinity Fieldreach® mobile solution keeps pace with these trends. For many years, Fieldreach has provided a highly flexible, business-driven front-end for the Ellipse asset management platform. We subsequently extended this capability to support the SAP Unwired Platform (SUP), providing the same rich integration capabilities. Now, we’re delighted to announce that it will provide the same benefits for users of IBM® Maximo® too.

As a global leader in enterprise asset and work management across all industries, Maximo is a hugely powerful and customisable platform. Most companies that have invested in Maximo have taken advantage of this customisability, and have optimised their implementations to meet unique and specific business needs.

As a result, it can be difficult to find a mobile solution versatile enough to cover the myriad possible requirements that a Maximo landscape can present. Nevertheless, we believe that Fieldreach is the answer.

First, Fieldreach has recently been certified by IBM as Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure, which means that its integration with Maximo has been tried, tested and proven by IBM experts. Fieldreach can instantly replicate the entire asset hierarchy from Maximo on the mobile platform, providing rich asset data for field engineers to view and amend.

Second, Fieldreach has been supporting all the standard work and asset management requirements of the UK’s largest energy, water and transport companies for more than 10 years. Delivery of work orders, status updates, cancellations and rescheduling are core functions that have been proven extensively in the field and are now available for Maximo customers.

Finally – and this is where Fieldreach really differentiates itself – its data collection capabilities are second to none. Fieldreach uses an approach called “intelligent scripting”, which makes it easy for line-of-business users to create sophisticated mobile data collection processes, without any need for hard-coding or changes to back-end systems.

As a result, Fieldreach can adapt quickly as business requirements evolve. If new legislation comes into force, regulatory guidelines change, or a line of business wants to support a new process, Fieldreach shortcuts the traditional IT-led change management process and accelerates the delivery of new mobile functionality.

When you have made the investment in a truly market-leading asset management platform such as Maximo, why should your users settle for less from their mobile solution? Isn’t it time for your business to have the power of Fieldreach at its fingertips?

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