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Animal Health Framework

We offer animal tracing solutions to the agri-food sector allowing total transparency of where our food comes from.

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Animal Health Framework

The global food marketplace is about to undergo a period of sustained change. The continued success of the Agri-food industry will rely on the ability to assure the public that the food they eat is free from contaminates, can be traced from farm-to-fork and adheres to the highest standards of quality control. It is only by meeting these objectives that real value in the food production industry can be guaranteed.

Our Animal Health Framework draws on agri-food industry best practices and incorporates our unique experience in the Animal Health arena. It has been designed to be rich in functionality, affordable, flexible, innovative, reliable and scalable.


It is built upon a highly configurable business rules and workflow engine, delivering a flexible and open solution which can meet business challenges now and into the future.

We’ve worked in this sector since the early 1990s. Our animal health framework is used by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) in Northern Ireland to manage animal health and traceability. It also underpins the ARaMS system for DEFRA, which is the livestock register for sheep, goats and deer in England



Recording animal health information and ensuring that it is linked up to a wider animal health framework can bring huge benefits to the agri-food sector. Capturing information digitally leaves a footprint of who recorded that information, proving compliance in the event of a query. Moving from traditional paper based tasks to capturing information digitally delivers improved efficiency and ensures data accuracy.

One example is the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DEARA) in Northern Ireland. Mobile application software is deployed to enable on farm Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) testing. TB is an infectious disease of cattle, to help control the spread of disease; 1.5m cattle undergo annual testing to ensure they are not carrying the disease.

The mobile software integrates with the central animal health database ensuring information recorded at farm level is returned to the overall database providing valuable insights for DAERA.

We have also supported the RSPCA with mobile software that allows welfare inspectors to respond to reports from members of the public in a timely manner and collect relevant data during animal welfare inspections.


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