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Energy Retail

The supply market is in a state of perpetual change. Flexible, proven solutions allow energy retailers to respond quickly. Take a look at how we can help.

  • We help energy suppliers deliver electricity to 35m meter points every single day
  • Our software is used by 5 of the largest 6 UK energy supply companies, covering 85% of UK households
  • Our Meter Data Management software manages over 30% of the installed SMETs2 Smart Meters*

Switch, onboard, serve and grow...with end-to-end dataflow control

Over the last 30 years we’ve been in the middle of all types of disruption to the energy market. But nothing quite like what we’re seeing now.
Click here to download an overview of the most widely used solution in the UK, Marketflow. Find out how it is a perfect fit for the industry flows with the UK energy retail market.

Visibility of data & exception Management

We take away the complexity allowing you to focus on delivering the best service for your customers.

Industry change protection

We take away the risks associated with further industry change by including this service as standard.

Flexibility – Pay as you Grow

SaaS pricing model allows you to only pay for what you need on a meter by meter basis.

Contact us to discuss how our solution could help your business

We are focused on helping the energy market so it’s “all systems grow” if you are an energy supplier with our new pricing model.

Our decades of experience can help you to become more competitive, maintain healthy growth and protect you from unnecessary financial penalties

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Our Marketflow software understands how the energy market operates and enables success in a volatile and heavily regulated market.


Smart Data Management

Smart Meters are introducing swathes of data and a huge demand for processing – Meterflow offers an unrivalled meter data management solution.

Market Interaction

We truly believe in making industry processes work more efficiently and have used our experience to create an industry interaction framework that offers support for the industry requirements, out of the box, and yet still provides the flexibility required to readily accommodate ongoing change.

Energy Optimisation

We are leading the way in providing solutions for this evolving energy landscape. From emergent flexibility markets to exploiting new technology that opens up new engagement channels we’ve created a flexible, fit for purpose intelligent energy management solution to allow suppliers to maximise these opportunities.


Learn how our software seeks to answer some of your key industry pains by simplifying your market interactions:

*Based on DCC figures of over 6 million SMETs2 smart meters connected to the network at end 2020