The systems at the heart of our electricity industry were not designed to cope with the myriad of new technologies available to generators and consumers today. Flexible technologies such as distributed generation, renewables and energy storage, challenge the network and even the structure of the industry and its participants. We’re partnering with industry to make a difference.

Transition from DNO to DSO

We hear directly from the industry on why the DSO transition should be a top priority for the sector.

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Electricity Flexibility and Forecasting

We are working with Western Power Distribution to develop an Electricity Flexibility and Forecasting System (EFFS). The EFFS project will support DSO transition by specifying, developing and trialling software to plan and despatch flexibility services in operational timescales.

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Delivering a low carbon future

Making the first move towards DSO

To support our future energy needs, Essentially, there are two options: build more assets; or get smarter about managing the existing network. Here’s our take on the DNO to DSO transition. At AMT-SYBEX we believe there are systems that can be implemented to helps DSOs.

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The product:
Affinity Networkflow®

Networkflow allows you to not only exploit traditional markets such as ancillary services, the capacity market and demand
side response but also to take advantage of newly emergent flexibility markets and customer engagement

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