Affinity Fieldreach®: Ready for IBM® Maximo®

by Ross Cruickshank

Ross Cruickshank

Last year, experts from one of IBM’s Innovation Centres were asked to test a new combination of solutions: IBM Maximo Asset Management and Affinity Fieldreach, the mobile workforce enablement platform from AMT-SYBEX.

Their conclusions were positive – the integration between Fieldreach and Maximo fully satisfied IBM engineers, and Fieldreach was duly certified as Ready for Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure.

The certification means that Maximo customers can be confident in Fieldreach as a robust and flexible platform for mobile deployments. When AMT-SYBEX claims that seamless integration between the two platforms is available out-of-the-box, that’s not an aspirational statement – it’s a fact, tested and validated in IBM’s labs.

What’s exciting about Fieldreach from IBM’s perspective is its versatility. Its new Maximo integration capabilities are a key piece of the puzzle, but only a piece. We see it as a flexible mobile front-end that can help users in the field interact with all kinds of systems.

For example, although AMT-SYBEX is best known for its work with asset-focused industries such as energy and transport, we’ve also seen an example of their mobile technology being used to assist with parking enforcement on some of London’s busiest routes. We have also seen Fieldreach used as a common mobile interface for multiple back-end systems. This is where we see a real opportunity for supporting Maximo customers, who often have other auxiliary databases or ERP solutions that field-workers need to interact with.

By abstracting field-facing processes (such as work order management and data collection) from underlying systems, Fieldreach enables line-of-business teams (such as maintenance and engineering) to take ownership. By reducing reliance on traditional IT-led change management, this enables the business to respond to ever-changing business conditions in a much more agile fashion.

At the same time, by providing a single interface, Fieldreach allows users in the field to focus on their work without worrying about which mobile app they need to use to enter which data. Complex business processes can be combined into a single “intelligent script” for the user to follow, while Fieldreach takes care of updating all the relevant back-end systems in the background.

We see a great deal of potential for Fieldreach and Maximo to deliver the combination of industry-leading asset management and mobile enablement that our customers deserve, and we’re delighted to be working with AMT-SYBEX to make this a reality.

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