Get Connected – from Big Data to Big Results

Big Data is all around us, it’s the current hot topic impacting all areas of business. However, the concept of big data is not new to the essential industries – water, energy, and transportation companies – which have been collecting, managing and acting on vast qualities of data for decades.

Big Data is defined as large volume, high velocity data coming from a variety of sources in various formats. Linking this data together and deriving meaning from the information is a key step to achieving business benefits. The more connected it is, the more related it gets, the more value can be derived.

Looking beyond the hype of Big Data, the essential industries can leverage their deep heritage in managing large volumes of data which relate to geographically dispersed assets performing core business functions. Delivering energy, water and services requires the coordination and control of large volumes of data in a safety critical environment and the new technologies and worldwide interest and investment in Big Data is providing vast opportunities for operational excellence.

AMT-SYBEX creates enterprise-grade solutions that manage Big Data challenges by connecting People, Business and Devices. Our Affinity Suite® is used to create thousands of people interactions daily, hundreds of thousands of business transactions and has the capability of touching millions of smart devices.

Big Data is here to stay, and we are pleased to be your partner in delivering solutions that allow you to maximise the value of your connected data.

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