We’ve been delivering enterprise scale, mobile workforce management solutions since 1990. Designed to meet the needs of utility and transport sectors, our mobile solutions help you to design, construct and maintain your assets, manage maintenance, operations and emergency response as well as capture data for inspections, testing and audits.

Our enterprise solution allows you to:

  • Digitally transform work and asset management
  • Fully integrated mobile work and asset management processes

  • Provide full geospatial context for work
  • Utilise device mapping, location services or mobilise your GIS data to provide full visibility of network assets.

  • Capture all types of data
  • A simple interface to define data, metadata and business process for mobile fieldworkers

Rapidly changing mobile world

We have helped our clients navigate a rapidly changing mobile world mitigating the very real risks posed by new technology.


Allowing you to make changes without developers


We have experience integrating with leading EAM solutions including Ellipse, IBM Maximo, SAP and Oracle


Currently used by Network Rail to close over 120,000 digital work orders weekly and licensed on over 50,000 devices

Integrated mobile solutions…
fundamental to asset intensive industries

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The product:

Affinity Fieldreach is an enterprise solution for work management, asset management and data collection that operates across all popular device platforms. Scripts help to insulate your mobile solution from change by separating business processes from the underlying apps and devices, allowing you to change existing, or produce new processes without modifying, rebuilding or updating your apps.

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The product:

Geofield is a powerful mobile spatial solution designed for the most demanding field-based work management tasks.

Geofield helps organisations to easily manage complex field-based tasks through an intuitive map-based interface, tailored business workflows and access to a wide-range of advanced geospatial tools.

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