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Affinity Analytics

Unlock industry data to drive operational efficiency.

Our Solution

Affinity Analytics is an independent IT solution that works with any data flow management system to transform how you access and understand your data.

With changes to key processes such as those introduced by Project Nexus, P272 and Smart Metering, it is vital that you understand and make use of your data to ensure operational efficiency.

Furthermore key industry reporting requirements around Ofgem Supplier Performance, Data Reconciliation, Metering Access (e.g. SVCC), Erroneous Transfer Reasons and other MDD analysis can all be met by our analytics solution.

With an easy to navigate dash board and clear drill down reports you can extract and transform your business critical data giving you a real time view of not only your own data but true industry view.

Exceptions – they’re only part of the problem – they tell you that there’s an issue with the data somewhere within your business. You might have a solution to address them but then next month they stack up again.

Forget complex SQL queries followed by MS Access query builders and excel spreadsheets. You want to be able to see your data transformed and visible through interactive graphs and charts with drill down capability when you need to.


Manage Customer Data

Quickly identify issues with customer accounts and understand how to minimise any negative customer impact


Track Industry Processes

Proactively manage huge volumes of industry processes such as customer registration, metering jobs and data updates to name a few. The dashboard functionality allows you to track processes at a various levels and track trends and patterns


Operational Efficiency

Business analysts can quickly identify the root cause of data issues. The tool allows them to identify patterns and highlight agent performance and deliver operational efficiency


Agent Performance

Provide an aggregated view of agent performance either in relation to missing data, incorrect data or invoice reconciliation against specific data items


Regulatory Reporting

Using analytics to meet your regulatory reporting requirements


Portfolio Reconciliation

Enable portfolio reconciliation such as metering data across your billing and metering agents systems

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