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Network Data Management

Cutting edge intelligent energy management ensuring your business is ready for the evolving energy market.


Networkflow for the evolving energy market

The UK energy market is undergoing a fast paced evolution driven by a huge increase in renewable generation and newly affordable or ubiquitous technologies such as energy storage, electric vehicles and smart meters. Where many would see challenges from this new technology we see opportunities. The functions engineered into Networkflow reflect this allowing an organisation to not only exploit traditional markets such as ancillary services, the capacity market and demand side response but also to take advantage of newly emergent flexibility markets and customer engagement channels. The forecasting capability coupled with commercial optimisation means that the product can also be deployed to provide a value for money alternative to traditional reinforcement by enabling access to flexibility markets to ensure security of supply.


Forecast Demand & Generation

The Networkflow Forecasting Framework comes pre-configured with powerful forecasting algorithms that allow an organisation to solve the key challenges of forecasting demand across the network and generation for renewable assets.

Exploit New Markets

The Networkflow Optimisation Framework ensures that you always select and stack the most profitable markets for your asset base to operate in. The Market Messaging Module allows you to integrate to those markets to ensure automation, and coordinate to deliver commercial services.

Aggregate Energy Assets

The Networkflow Virtual Power Plant Module allows you to group energy assets by customer, geographic location, asset type or other common asset characteristic. This ensures that you can maximise participation in competitive markets by aggregating your energy assets into a larger trading block.

The Future of the Grid and Energy Markets

The electricity grid isn’t sustainable with future demands on the network. Regulators, network operators and industry experts all agree. But how do we change that? ...With the help of AMT-SYBEX and our products. DNOs, businesses and even homes all stand to play their part.

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At AMT-SYBEX we’ve spent decades partnering with our utility clients to improve their performance with the right software solutions.


  • we manage the market messages that are so critical to keeping the energy industry running,
  • we help our clients map out the almost half a million kilometres of water pipes running under Great Britain (with our geo-spatial field engineer solution),
  • and with our latest energy management tool we're helping to increase local capacity on the network through demand forecasting and flexibility.

Why Networkflow?

The product is modular in nature allowing for flexible deployment options in line with market role or customer requirements. Networkflow has been designed by necessity to be flexible and can support any energy industry model whether that is disaggregated such as the UK market or vertically integrated such as other international markets.

  • Fully configurable demand & generation framework
  • Fully configurable optimisation framework
  • Fully configurable settlement framework
  • Modular in nature allowing you to pick and choose functionality areas
  • Virtual power plant capability allowing you to aggregate assets into trading block
  • Market messaging module supporting a wide variety of technical and communication protocols
  • Service repository that comes preconfigured with traditional service types as well as the ability to create new service types for future markets
  • Asset Hierarchy based on the Common Information Protocol

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