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AMT-SYBEX: Mobilising business processes with Fieldreach.

Affinity Water has just completed an upgrade to Affinity Fieldreach, our the award-winning enterprise mobile solution.

Affinity Water – Mobilising business processes with Fieldreach from AMT-SYBEX

Affinity Water, the largest water-only supplier in the UK, has just completed an upgrade to Affinity Fieldreach, the award-winning enterprise mobile solution from AMT-SYBEX.

Fieldreach is the mobile solution of choice for Affinity Water for their above ground, operational equipment. Used for work and asset management activities it allows operatives to capture data and business critical information about assets. The mobile solution is a vital part of the routine work and reactive maintenance carried out by the water company.

Affinity Water is the first Fieldreach customer to use the new Windows 10 application following a move from older devices and will be using Amazon Cloud.

Kevin Martin, Maintenance Strategy Manager for Affinity Water said,

“The roll-out of Fieldreach onto Windows 10 devices means that our technicians have quick access to the information they need on the job. Therefore task instructions and guides are readily available and work orders can be easily administered at the point of work. This supports the application of the correct maintenance plan and completeness of our asset history.”

This upgrade in technology has allowed Affinity Water to move from old to new devices seamlessly, transferring their established business processes, refined as Fieldreach scripts for over 10-years, straight onto the new platform without change or redesign. In addition to the technical upgrade, Affinity Water has also taken the opportunity to improve business processes at the point of work, using the QR code scanning capability within Fieldreach to help quickly search the asset register and accurately record activities and parts against the correct asset. This will enable Affinity Water to use Fieldreach to help them realise their wider Asset Management Improvement plan.

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