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Affinity Water first company in Europe to implement Ellipse 8

Affinity Water has just completed an upgrade to their core Work and Asset Management System Ellipse.

Affinity Water has just completed an upgrade to their core Work and Asset Management System Ellipse. The significant technical upgrade sees Affinity Water move from Ellipse 5.2.3 to Ellipse 8, making substantial improvements to the technical infrastructure and facilitating future improvements to operational efficiency. Ellipse is currently used to manage key assets and work management, supporting Affinity Water in the delivery of services and providing a modern platform to support future development.

The deployment of Ellipse 8 includes AMT-SYBEX’s mobile work management allowing Affinity Water to make improvements to the efficiency of their work management activities and how they issue work. With improved capabilities for planning, Affinity Water will be able to carry out more planned work and respond to reactive work problems more quickly. In addition, Ellipse 8 will offer greater flexibility through additional functionality and the personalisation facility that allows users to view the information relevant to them.

Mick Jackman, Senior Asset Manager, Affinity Water said,

“The move to Ellipse 8 has provided us with the platform to make significant efficiency improvements in the way we manage our work and maintain the data for the company’s assets that ultimately will provide long term benefits for our customers.”

Will Wright, Account Manager, AMT-SYBEX commented,

“We are delighted to be able to deliver the first implementation of Ellipse 8 in Europe for our client, Affinity Water. We have worked in partnership with Affinity Water for the past 12 years and look forward to supporting their strategic plans for work and asset management on this new platform.”

This the first Ellipse 8 implementation in Europe with many more scheduled throughout the year.

About Ellipse 8

The market-leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution, ABB Ellipse 8 combines a radically simplified architecture with ground-breaking features that introduce intelligent processes for optimizing asset and operational performance and provides asset intensive businesses with a long-term strategic advantage. Incorporating over thirty years of unsurpassed domain expertise and industry-specific process knowledge, Ellipse 8 goes well beyond a standards-based and web-ready architecture; enabling the enterprise, as standards and services evolve, with solutions that are less complex, easier to use and manage and more flexible and configurable.