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Poll Results – Reliable next day switching

We recently ran a poll across UK energy suppliers to understand views on the next day switching programme.

Over the last two years we have supported our clients in providing impact assessment and analysis of the proposed industry change to enable Next Day switching. During this process we have heard various views on many areas including scope, benefits and innovation. We have listened to a wide mix of different people. Some who are huge supporters of this change, some who are frustrated with the scope and some who have strong views on the overall approach to the change.

We recently carried out an online poll across the industry. The comments received from recipients supported the view that reliability of the data was a more important factor to get right than offering a Next Day switching service.

Poll results image

While we will continue to support the industry with our solution changes required for the current scope for reliable next day switching, we also would like to take into account some of the other issues that are outside of the scope of the programme. To build a lasting solution to the industry’s problems it is critical that the end to end process issues are considered. This includes consideration of smart metering, energy settlements and third party meter and data operations.