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Flexible Web Applications

Systemreach is a core framework which allows us to deploy web applications more quickly and with less risk than traditional bespoke development.

Systemreach for your business

Affinity Systemreach is a core framework which allows you to deploy web applications more quickly and with less risk than traditional bespoke development.

It deploys on top of standard web services to ensure that all web applications are secure, performant, and will not be majorly affected by back-office upgrades.


Reduce customisation costs

Drastically reduce the development costs traditionally incurred when modifying Enterprise Solutions by implementing bespoke functionality on their periphery.

Improve Your Business Process

Empower your users to update multiple systems from the one location at the same time. Systemreach offers you the ability to design and implement powerfully efficient Business Processes further enhancing the ROI across your application landscape.

Faster Delivery

Our library of reusable modules helps us to quickly identify customer specific functionality that could form the basis of your front-end requirement. Dramatically reducing delivery times when compared with traditional bespoke developments.

Accelerate web application development

Enterprise software customisation can create huge headaches. Few would argue that undertaking bespoke software development can increase risks to project delivery, increase the overall costs of support, and may adversely affect IT strategy going forward. These complexities increase exponentially when multiple systems and technologies are involved.

Affinity Systemreach is our packaged, proven solution for focused business requirements across multiple systems.

The framework acts as an “accelerator” for web application development and is based on several core functional modules which typically reduce the need for bespoke enhancement to minimal configuration in order to reflect client web standards or branding.

Powerful. Flexible. Integrated.

Systemreach is already widely in use, with over 25 web applications delivered to our existing customer base. Deployment on top of standard web services ensures that system performance and security standards are in line with core systems. This decoupled approach also ensures that you can be confident that your ability to upgrade core systems remains unimpaired and that data validation is consistent throughout the organisation.

Systemreach has been designed to help address specific business scenarios involving multiple data sources. It is 100% web based ensuring ease of deployment and reduced running costs. This ability to sit across multiple systems allows new information to be stored, for example, against assets, to support new business requirements. The configurable presentation layer ensures that client and industry specific business processes can be fully supported and designed into web applications from the outset.

Systemreach integrates with leading EAM and ERP applications. This allows a streamlined approach and a “clean” integration infrastructure – the relevant data is only presented when and where you need it.