As a Utility business you need to be innovative and flexible. You need to adapt to new business models, embrace and operate new technology and also make sense of huge volumes of data that you have access to. It’s a difficult challenge, but making sense of data and everything connected with it can drive business decisions that deliver operational excellence and value for the consumers.

The future of utilities

At AMT-SYBEX we’re always innovating to improve the offerings that we provide to our customers. We’ve led the way on industry
change programmes like Metering Separation, Smart Metering and Project Nexus and our solutions are at the heart of future networks trials relating to energy storage and demand side flexibility. As the utilities market evolves driven by increased competition, multi-utility product offerings, industry change programmes and tightening regulatory models, we see the need for smarter solutions driving more value from available data and emerging technologies. This requires a combination of digital transformation, intelligent automation, organisational and process redesign, technology updates and cultural change.


Connected Homes

In this digital world, the modern consumer is expecting higher standards of service. The introduction of digital assistants
and intelligent devices offer an opportunity to utilities to build a new kind of relationship with the consumer. While current industry structures may limit some possibilities for change – we believe that there is a better way. Working with Orange Bus futures we’ve engaged in some innovation experiments and can provide a service to our clients to help them improve customer interaction and develop their offerings in the context of a connected home.

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Flexibility Services

We also work in the evolving area of Electricity Flexibility Services and are working on innovation projects funded by Ofgem to provide forecasting and optimisation solutions to maximise the market value of Demand Side Response (DSR), Energy Storage or other flexibility services that can be traded either individually or as blocks (Virtual Power Plant).

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Utility Passport

We are currently developing a concept to support switching and moving home for consumers across multi utility service providers. At the core of this idea is that the consumer owns their own data but that they can consent to exchange data and digitally sign contracts for utility services. If you would like to get involved or share your own thoughts on any of the topics above please contact us via