Affinity Fieldreach®

Affinity Fieldreach is our enterprise mobility solution. It is licensed on over 50,000 devices in leading organisations such as Network Rail, National Grid, Transport for London, and Electricity Northwest Limited. It delivers the most flexible enterprise-rated mobile experience available today and is available as an out-of-the-box solution to enable vital mobile processes including: asset management, work management but crucially is easily integrated with all major enterprise systems.

These packaged processes help mobilise the workforce, quickly delivering benefits, however Fieldreach also offers Intelligent Scripting – our business process orchestration engine which enables clients to innovate beyond the packaged offering. Intelligent scripting is accomplished via a straightforward user interface which allows trained business users to define the data, meta-data and business process for mobile fieldworkers which requires no programming, coding or database skills to operate. This gives organisations the independence and adaptability to implement new business processes without re-coding, focussing on data and how data is captured and allowing new processes to be quickly designed, deployed, embedded and optimised by the business.

Fieldreach Product Diagram - Explaining deployment and usage

Fieldreach has been designed with an “outside in” approach to the mobile process, with the field user’s needs placed at the heart of the design. This is a result of our position at the forefront of enterprise mobility, having successfully designed and implemented mobile solutions since 1999 and Fieldreach roll outs, across all platforms, enjoy a very high degree of user acceptance with a low incidence of help desk calls.

Fieldreach has the capability to:

  • Increase business efficiency and agility
    Fully integrated mobile work and asset management processes provide flexibility, enabling multi-skilled/multi-disciplined teams to handle planned and reactive work via access to full asset-context information, maximising productivity.
  • Enable business decision making
    Asset history (including on-demand option to download historic photographs) provides on-site asset intelligence to make evidence based decisions on asset maintenance, repair and replacement options and maximise the efficiency of work practices.
  • Plan work and meet regulatory requirements
    Location services allow operatives to view the assets on a map and determine the next best location to attend based on their current position. This helps fieldworkers reduce the amount of time it takes to find and repair/replace an asset and provides the opportunity to improve regulatory or key performance metrics such as delay minutes, outage duration and loss of supply.
  • Generate accurate visual data
    Augmented Reality view allows field-workers to overlay asset information with a live camera image of the asset, providing a new view of the asset with direction, distance and summary details to further aid in identification and in-field decision making.

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