As a trusted supplier to the water sector for many years we understand the varied challenges that this industry faces.

Mobile Workforce Management

Leading water and waste water companies and providing mobility solutions since 2005


We have worked with over half of the UKs water companies to deliver more than 20 successful EAM solutions in the last 25 years

Our latest software technology, the Interruption to Supply Geofield module, is now available to help the water industry to minimise disruptions to service. Watch this short video to find out more.

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Mobile Workforce Management

AMT-SYBEX has been chosen by the leading water and waste water companies in the UK to provide mobile solutions since 2005. The flexibility of our products allows our customers’ mobile solutions to develop as operational and regulatory objectives change. We continually invest in our products to reflect new technologies and industry processes. Our solutions have made our water customers award winners and innovators in their fields enhancing their business processes and generating real, bottom line business benefits.

Our clients, including Southern Water, Northern Ireland Water South East Water have thousands of users working with our mobile solutions every day. Our solutions facilitate a multitude of detailed mobile workforce management business processes in the following areas:

  • Network management and maintenance
  • Asset Surveys and Inspections
  • Waste and clean water operations
  • Electrical and Mechanical maintenance
  • Process Science


Ellipse is designed to manage the entire asset lifecycle from design through operational life, to disposal offering full asset traceability. Standards based integration with GIS solutions provides a single source of the truth for linear and point assets in the water industry.

Geospatial integration supports the identification and management of below ground incidents ensuring restoration of customer supplies in shorter timescales. The advanced Ellipse maintenance planning capability allows scheduling and prioritisation of work based on time, condition and risk.

Ellipse is aligned with ISO 55000 in its inherent focus on proactive risk assessment and comprehensive support for corrective and preventive actions, versus the identification and remediation of after-the-fact performance failures. The Ellipse Manage Physical Assets process follows and embodies the Plan-Do-Check-Act process that is the guiding principle of ISO 55000.

Interruption to Supply Module

In answer to the regulatory demands on water companies to reduce leakage, minimise disruption and promote continuous service, we have developed a module in our mapping software to support.

ITS traces the network of assets, shows engineers where water supplies will be disrupted by repairs, how many customers will be affected and allows them to record the actual length of time that the supply was interrupted.

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