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Mobile Workforce Management

Our solutions offer unrivalled flexibility allowing network businesses to optimise work delivery and network operation maximising value for customers

Enterprise Asset Management

The EAM solution Ellipse has been used for over 25 years to manage the UK energy networks

Mobile Workforce Management

Utilising our solutions, managers and the workforce are able to make smart informed business decisions which increase efficiency, reduce risk and liability, and positively impact operational performance and the bottom line.


Ellipse is designed to manage the entire asset lifecycle from design through operational life, to disposal offering full asset traceability. The advanced Ellipse maintenance planning capability allows scheduling and prioritisation of work based on time, condition and risk.

Standards based integration with GIS solutions provides a single source of the truth for all energy networks assets utilising the leading EAM application functionality. Ellipse is aligned with ISO 55000 in its inherent focus on proactive risk assessment and comprehensive support for corrective and preventive actions, versus the identification and remediation of after-the-fact performance failures. The Ellipse Manage Physical Assets process follows and embodies the Plan-Do-Check-Act process that is the guiding principle of ISO 55000.

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