Affinity Fieldreach is our award winning enterprise mobility solution used by leading infrastructure and energy clients in Europe, US, Australia and South Africa. It’s available out-of-the-box, enabling work and asset management for teams of 10 to 10,000 and more.

With Fieldreach you can

Increase business efficiency and agility

As a fully integrated solution, multi-skilled teams can handle planned and reactive work with access to full asset-context information, maximising productivity.

Enable business decision making

Detailed inspection and maintenance history, including condition, media and documents, provides on-site intelligence to make evidence-based decisions, maximising repair and replacement options.

Practical Innovation

Augmented Reality tools overlay work and asset information in your field-of-view, helping to locate above and below-ground assets to further aid in field decision-making.

Meeting the challenge

Fieldreach components provide a flexible set of tools that can be fully integrated into enterprise asset management, enterprise resource planning and scheduling systems. Fieldreach can also be deployed ‘stand-alone’ to accelerate deployment for data capture centric applications.

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Design, deploy,
operate, optimise

Our solution allows trained users to easily define the business process for mobile fieldworkers through our Intelligent Scripting interface, which requires no programming, coding or database skills to operate. This gives organisations the independence and adaptability to implement new business processes without re-coding. This allows our clients to focus on operating their business and optimising for better results.

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Power. Flexibility. Integration.

Our users enjoy an easier mobile experience, with significantly higher levels of data validation, control, and embedded business logic in their mobile applications. Our clients report enhanced levels of data quality and improvements in the efficiency and responsiveness of field processes.

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