Fieldreach is our award-winning enterprise mobility solution being used on over 50,000 devices by leading infrastructure and energy clients in Europe, US, Australia and South Africa. It’s available out-of-the-box, enabling work and asset management for teams of 10 to 10,000 and more.

With Fieldreach you can

Increase business efficiency and agility

As a fully integrated solution, multi-skilled teams can handle planned and reactive work with access to full asset-context information, maximising productivity.

Enable business decision making

Detailed inspection and maintenance history, including condition, media and documents, provides on-site intelligence to make evidence-based decisions, maximising repair and replacement options.

Improve Data Control

Replace paper and electronic forms with intelligent data capture processes which enforce data consistency, compliance, validation and auditing.

Configuration and flexibility

The highly configurable UI allows you to display information in any order and in language which your field force understands. Fieldreach is capable of having different configuration for different groups ensuring maximum engagement by your field force guaranteeing you get the right data at the right time. Begin with a configuration which meets your asset management needs and it will adapt as your requirements naturally evolve/change.

Integration capability

Fieldreach boasts a suite of integration services provided to synchronise work & asset data with mobile devices, and loads data capture results into Fieldreach database. In Addition, field workers can identify and publish data capture results from Fieldreach database for onward processing to enterprise systems.

Mobilising Assets

Fieldreach is an asset centric solution which provides users with a clear picture of company assets and their condition, allowing asset managers to make more informed decisions when it comes to maintaining the safety and the availability of its infrastructure. This allows the company to take a more proactive approach to asset management, helping to shift the emphasis from reactive to planned maintenance.

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