Affinity Geofield

Geofield is a powerful mobile spatial solution designed for field-based work management that is optimised for tablets and portable computers running Windows, iOS and Android. Geofield’s powerful map-based workflows enable your field workers to access and update your enterprise data at the point of work. Assets and related work orders are geospatially referenced with mapping data from your GIS and interrogated through Geofield’s intuitive interface using a task-centric approach. Geofield is adaptable, reliable and has a proven track record in the Utilities market with leading organisations including Northern Power Grid, UK Power Networks, SGN and Con Edison in the US.

The Geofield Platform delivers scalable functionality, with seamless bi-directional transfer of data and real time awareness and collaboration. The intuitive spatial interface is supported by comprehensive redlining (mark-up), blacklining (edit), imaging, network tracing and data capture facilities.

Geofield Exchange

Geofield central:

  • Provides the business with a central awareness of all current field activities
  • Allows field engineers to share In-progress activity status in near real-time
  • Allows the business to track the status of all field activity regardless of job type

Affinity Geofield capabilities include:

Map-based fieldworker technology

We help organisations optimise their use of field technologies by seamlessly embracing all aspects of the enterprise from a task, data and process perspective.

Engineered for disconnected use

Geofield is designed to ensure that the fieldworker has all the data and capability that they will require to undertake their work, irrespective of whether connectivity is available.

Platform agnostic

Our fieldworker software solutions are designed to run on Windows, iOS and Android and are designed primarily to be used on tablets, laptops and smartphones.

Enterprise Ready

Geofield closely couples to your enterprise systems, flexibly delivering workflow capability through awareness and collaboration, architected to evolve with your changing business needs.