AMT-SYBEX EAM and Mobile is part of Jonas Computing (UK) Limited. We provide enterprise asset management and mobile solutions delivered by business orientated people

Experts in EAM

We have been instrumental in the development of Enterprise Asset Management Solutions for over 25 years and are active in enhancing understanding of asset management as a long-term patron of the Institute of Asset Management. Our EAM offerings include our own world leading asset and work management products as well as those provided by our close partners. As our customer base became ever more sophisticated in their use of EAM solutions, and as the industry moved ever forwards in driving for operational efficiencies and data quality, we continue to develop our in house solutions. These are market leading products which, in turn, shift the EAM paradigm from the desk to the field, and help avoid costly enterprise software customisation.

Powerful Integration

Our EAM consultants combine industry, business and IT expertise to enable increased asset performance across the enterprise. We do this by aligning processes, people and technology. We can help you implement Ellipse as the leading asset centric ERP, providing industry leading asset and work management capabilities and supporting the key back office processes such as finance, stores, procurement and human resources. Alternatively Ellipse can be delivered as a best of breed solution for asset and work management with standard integration to back office ERP solutions such as SAP and Oracle. Ellipse has been designed as an open solution and is currently integrated with other specialised systems such as GIS, Call Centre, Network Management, Telemetry, SCADA, and automated optimised scheduling and dispatch. We also provide fully integrate able mobile solutions Geofield and Fieldreach, delivering process efficiency in the field whilst ensuring accurate and timely data collection.


Our implementation team forms one of Europe’s leading EAM knowledge base, and has practical, first-hand experience of the water, energy and transport industries. Our Support and Managed Services teams are proven in the marketplace and provide critical support to some of the largest organisations in the industry. This powerful blend enables us to deliver innovative solutions into real world operating environments quickly and efficiently.

Ellipse Overview

AMT-SYBEX understands the asset. It’s at the heart of all of our work for our infrastructure customers. Our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions have evolved from this asset know-how. At the core of our EAM solutions is Ellipse. Ellipse is the application of choice for asset intensive businesses across the globe. It gives them the ability to manage the full asset life cycle, from design, work management, maintenance through to replacement planning. We help clients introduce, evolve and integrate Ellipse. We’re proud to have done so for some of the UK’s leading businesses. We have a hard won reputation for providing consultancy and solutions geared to meeting regulatory and commercial demands for increased asset performance.

Managed Services, Hosting and Support

AMT-SYBEX provide premium levels of support to our customers and bring them on a long-term journey with us ensuring we are the go to name for Enterprise Asset Management and Mobile Software Support services in the marketplace and beyond. With over 25 years’ experience, our services are proven in the marketplace, with an exceptionally high rate of customer contract renewals. Our Support and Managed Services offer a wide portfolio of services to our clients, including but not limited to Managed Services, Application Support and Public/Private Cloud Hosting. Every element of our contracted portfolio is backed by Service Level Agreements formulated based on internationally recognised standards such as ITIL 4.

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