Geofield is a powerful mobile spatial solution designed for field-based work management

With Geofield you can

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Mobilise your geospatial data using fast, proprietary mapping tools and tailored business workflows.

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Our map-based review, mark-up and editing tools help to improve data quality by capturing all the data you need first time.

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Unlock the next-level of mobile benefits and efficiency by providing all the asset and map-based data you need to mobile users and completing customer-focussed business processes on-site.

Geofield for your business

Geofield is a powerful mobile spatial solution designed for field-based work management that is optimised for tablets, smartphones and portable computers running Windows, iOS and Android.

Geofield helps organisations optimise their use of field technologies by seamlessly embracing all aspects of the enterprise from a task, data and business perspective.

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What it does

Designed for disconnected, Geofield provides a map-based, task centric and supportive environment for the field technician. Through the use of digital workflows, data from multiple sources that is required for a particular task is presented to the user.

Interaction is enabled through mapping, graphics, intelligent forms, photographs and third party devices. Data captured, including urgent network changes, is automatically returned to back office enterprise systems via Geofield Exchange and can also be directly shared with other field staff in near-real-time.

Interruption to Supply Module

In answer to the regulatory demands on water companies to reduce leakage, minimise disruption and promote continuous service, we have developed a module in our mapping software to support.

ITS traces the network of assets, shows engineers where water supplies will be disrupted by repairs, how many customers will be affected and allows them to record the actual length of time that the supply was interrupted.

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Learn more about the capabilities of our Geospatial work management solution, Affinity Geofield.