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As a trusted advisor and solution provider to the UK Rail Sector for more than 20 years we understand the unique challenges the Rail Industry faces and have developed a suite of offerings to help address these.

Mobile Workforce Management

Our mobile solutions are used across the Rail Network in business critical environment. These essential solutions enable accurate and timely maintenance, inspections and asset based work supporting the Rail Sector’s move to a Digital Railway delivering sustainable growth and an efficient Rail Network.


Ellipse is designed to manage the entire asset lifecycle from design through operational life, to disposal offering full asset traceability. Standards based integration with GIS solutions provides a single source of the truth for linear and point assets in transportation industry.

Ellipse is the foundation of a proactive maintenance strategy. Supporting the intelligence that predicts where failures are most likely to occur enabling asset managers to prevent these failures from impacting passenger rail services. The advanced Ellipse maintenance planning capability allows scheduling and prioritisation of work based on time, condition and risk.

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