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Helping energy suppliers to deliver a smoother customer experience by cutting complexity

Shane Preston, Head of Utilities at AMT-SYBEX, shares our latest thinking on the recent crisis in the energy market and how ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘other large’ suppliers* can not only stay afloat, but also win new customers in a fast-changing and hyper-competitive marketplace.
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A World of connected possibilities through IoT

A World of connected possibilities through IoT - James Palmer talks through the potential he sees that connected devices could bring in terms of flexibility for the grid, personal convenience, and benefit for your pocket
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Powering into a new reality for energy suppliers

Post COVID-19, what will the shape of demand look like for energy suppliers? What will the new ’ideal‘ supply portfolio shape look like? Will previously desirable portfolios even be achievable anymore? How will energy suppliers reflect and reforecast when the future is so uncertain?
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Widening the pool for energy flexibility services

With demand for flexibility on the rise, John Hayling of AMT-SYBEX explains why more organisations should participate in local energy markets
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Adapting to Faster Switching

With a key deadline in Ofgem’s Switching Programme approaching fast, Conroy Saunders of AMT-SYBEX surveys the market for Central Switching Services (CSS) adaptor solutions.
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The Future of Utilities – disruption is certain, but is technology the key to success?

We were proud sponsors of the flagship Future of Utilities event last week, and were looking forward to hearing from speakers on some of the big themes facing the industry. We weren’t disappointed. Heidi Mottram of Northumbrian water opened the event with a keynote looking at how her business was managing disruption – with a focus on innovation and technology.
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Customer service call

Creating competitive advantage – why reducing cost to serve can deliver better customer outcomes

With news of the latest casualty of the UK energy retail disruption, as Brilliant Energy entered the SoLR process, the end of the energy ‘winter of discontent’ seems a long way away. Times are tough for retailers, and a focus on keeping costs low whilst maintaining customer service should be top of mind for all senior execs, particularly as competition for customers remains fierce.
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